A nerdy guy who loves milk tea, two girls one loves boba drinks and one’s dream is to open a bar for over a decade; when all 3 met, Woof’s Bar’s born. A bar serves boba drinks during the day and fusion styled cocktails at night. But why WOOF’S? The 2 female co-founders are madly in love with dogs and have the biggest hearts for them. In fact, one owns 3 westies and one owns 6 pets (3 dogs and 3 cats, all adopted). Therefore, a pet-friendly fusion bar where satisfies all 3 founders’ loves for boba and cocktail drinks with love and cuteness overload from all dogs, sometimes even cats, visit the store then is here to spread the happiness to everyone. We not just want to satisfy our cravings but to share our unique drinks and pet-friendly atmosphere to everyone who visits Woof’s Bar and makes the memory an unforgettable one.



Contact us to book a table for any occasion. We accept reservations for up to 20 people.

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